March Playlist that is 3/4 March 2018 and 1/4 March 2019

It’s the last day of March so I can still get a way with posting my playlist!!! So by now you’ve realized that my playlists are not curated DJ nights and more just what I’m feeling and enjoying every month. Also this is proof that people are multidimensional. It’s so boring to limit yourself to one genre/style/aesthetic and I absolutely refuse to do it! I love so many different styles and I plan on pulling them all off! March makes me think of sunshine and springtime being on the way so all of these songs remind me of early spring in Canada where the snow has melted into grey slush and the cool air is warmed by the sun and it smells.. damp.. but in a good way… like the oh yay its damp not freezing way.. you know what I mean. I woke up to frost today though so maybe we’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Anyway, enjoy my March playlist! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

Ugh Be still my Broken Heart: February 2019 Playlist

Honestly this title is so dramatic but I love it. My February playlist is a bunch of random favourites and most of them just so happen to be about relationships or something. I honestly I feel like these playlists are just going to be really random collections of songs I like instead of being properly curated. Very similar to my old radio show TBH.

Spooky Sluts Playlist

My October playlist is always my Spooky Sluts Spotify playlist! I created it in 2014 have been adding to it bit by bit, every year. The title says it all! The songs on Spooky Sluts are all songs that are dark and sexy, and at times, a little bit corny in theme. Its the ultimate Halloween party playlist featuring all sorts of genres and artists.

An earlier version of the playlist:


It’s important to note that I listen to this playlist year round, but listen to it with intention during the month of October.