Ugh Be still my Broken Heart: February 2019 Playlist

Honestly this title is so dramatic but I love it. My February playlist is a bunch of random favourites and most of them just so happen to be about relationships or something. I honestly I feel like these playlists are just going to be really random collections of songs I like instead of being properly curated. Very similar to my old radio show TBH.

Get to WORK, Bitch! January 2019 playlist

My January playlist was a bit all over the place, but its reflective of its creator. I was super inspired in January and really feeling the ~new year.~ I had just quit my job and started freelancing. Pretty scary and overwhelming stuff and these tunes were keepin’ me going! Enjoy!

Mtl. Cab Ride

Pin Striped Suit with a business card;
Paid for my cab and requested me for dinner.

“I have an exam in the morning”
— a future to uphold
you picked the wrong kind of sinner,
I’m too busy for temporary gold.

Published in the 125th edition of The Mitre, Canada’s oldest student Literary Journal.

– – –

2019 Update: I would like to publicly say that I am all for people who are into temporary gold. This poem is by no way intended to shame anyone.

Droning On

Dawn was upon us.
As we watched the evening sky disappear into a pink and purple sea,
the familiar hum began.
Every morning while driving across the sky,
the automatic species’ song lulled us to sleep.
As the sun did its duty,
and we went to a dream.
A dream where what once was, was still there.
When we didn’t drone on and on
about the wait to be woken,
For a sense of purpose is long gone.

Published in the 125th edition of The Mitre, Canada’s oldest student Literary Journal.


I lost my eulogy,
I suppose it was for the best.
For, it wasn’t composed beautifully,
If anything it was a mess.
And my life’s purity-
It was torn with that polka dotted black dress.
That premature, maturity
With Deaths sweet caress.
And its surreal obscurity,
It’s not glamorous; I must confess.

Published in the 122nd edition of The Mitre, Canada’s oldest student Literary Journal.

Spooky Sluts Playlist

My October playlist is always my Spooky Sluts Spotify playlist! I created it in 2014 have been adding to it bit by bit, every year. The title says it all! The songs on Spooky Sluts are all songs that are dark and sexy, and at times, a little bit corny in theme. Its the ultimate Halloween party playlist featuring all sorts of genres and artists.

An earlier version of the playlist:


It’s important to note that I listen to this playlist year round, but listen to it with intention during the month of October.